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KunLun Server Wins iF Design Award 2016


[Shenzhen, China, Feb 29, 2016] FusionServer today announced that KunLun, the world’s first 32-socket x86 mission critical server, has won Germany’s iF Product Design Award for 2016 on February 27, 2016.

The award was introduced in 1954 and is conferred annually by Germany’s oldest industrial design institution, the iF International Forum Design. Each year, the iF attracts thousands of entries from dozens of nations, which are judged by renowned experts, with the best receiving an iF seal of outstanding design quality. The award aims to increase public awareness of the importance of design and is known as the Oscar of the product design industry.

KunLun server designer, participate in the iF awarding ceremony on behalf of the wining team. KunLun is carefully built by FusionServer’s integrated equipment industrial design team. The team consists of members from China and Europe, and KunLun is a product of multiple cultures.

iF appraises the design concepts and functional performance of products. This year, the iF jury of 58 experts selected only a few of the 5,300 shortlisted products, with the KunLun mission critical server among the best.

Server reliability relies on scientific design. KunLun mission critical server includes a range of pioneering designs in product appearance and overall structure to deliver leading RAS 2.0 features on an open platform. The designs include:

· Hot swap of a single processor without opening the chassis: Allows users to add, remove, and maintain all server modules online, maximizing server uptime.

· Tiered noise-reduction doors and vector ventilation channels: Achieve a balance between cooling area and noise reduction in a standard cabinet, and support 5℃ higher ambient temperatures than similar products on the market, maximizing the computing capabilities of all 32 processors.

· 8-inch touch LCD as a local O&M device: Delivers visual and simplified O&M.

Winning the iF award is a recognition of the reliability and functional performance of the KunLun mission critical server, which represents a new level of high-end server industrial design.

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