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FusionServer and Hortonworks Partner on Innovative x86 High-Performance Big Data Platform


[Tokyo, Japan, November 15, 2018] At the Dataworks summit, Hortonworks, a leading global data management solution provider, announced to expand and enhance collaboration with FusionServer. FusionServer’s high-performance x86 servers use the FusionServer DA200 hardware accelerator card and the Hortonworks data platform (HDP) to create an innovative big data platform for enterprise customers.

The FusionServer FusionServer 2288H and FusionServer 5288 servers have passed the Hortonworks Quality Assured Testing Suite (QATS) certification, which means that FusionServer FusionServer can provide users with more stable and high-performance services based on the HDP.

QATS is a product integration certification program designed to strictly test the HDP platform and solutions, including software, file systems, next-generation hardware, and containers. FusionServer and Hortonworks have completed two rounds of QATS high-performance and compatibility tests. The tests cover multiple typical scenarios to ensure that FusionServer servers can work efficiently in different scenarios.

This accelerates service deployment for FusionServer and Hortonworks users. With the HDP certification, users can use FusionServer servers as the infrastructure of big data platforms more confidently.

A person in charge of FusionServer said, “As a specialist of enterprise big data, Hortonworks is committed to building a global data management platform to help enterprise customers drive business value and achieve success in each step of the data lifecycle. Hortonworks is an important partner of FusionServer in the big data field. We’re glad that FusionServer servers have passed the Hortonworks certification, and FusionServer has become a certified hardware partner for Hortonworks. FusionServer keeps pushing beyond the computing boundaries and strives for technology innovations. Together FusionServer and Hortonworks will build a flexible, open, and efficient big data platform for enterprise customers to reap more business benefits.”

“The combination of FusionServer’s x86 Servers and HDP will benefit our respective clients and provide them with Industry leading x86-based solutions that have been tested and certified to work together, ” said Kamal Brar, vice president of Asia Pacific, Hortonworks. “ We're excited about the inevitable acceleration in technical innovations that this partnership will foster, the result being smarter, more cost effective connected architectures for the next phase of disruption. ”

The FusionServer 2288H server supports 20 3.5’’ SATA drives or 24 NVMe disks. The 5288 server supports 44 3.5’’ SATA drives, which can provide large-capacity data storage for 10GE and InfiniBand networks. The FusionServer DA200 accelerator card provides a compression ratio 30% higher over Snappy, greatly enhancing the storage capability and reducing the number of nodes, as well as reducing network transmission pressure.

FusionServer’s high-performance servers and hardware accelerator cards combined with the Hortonworks software enable higher data computing efficiency and storage capabilities for many customers, helping customers accelerate digital transformation and meet fast-growing service requirements.

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