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FusionServer Launches Next-Generation High-Performance Computing Platform at SC 2016


[Salt Lake City, USA, November 16, 2016] xFusion's FusionServer launched a new-generation FusionServer X6000 high-performance computing platform for computing-intensive application scenarios at the Supercomputing Conference (SC16) on December 15. Provides enterprise customers with a high-performance computing platform that is more efficient and flexible to deploy.

The X6000 high-performance computing platform uses the industry-leading board-level liquid cooling solution, innovative CPU blade heat dissipation technology, and water routing between DIMMs to achieve a liquid cooling ratio of up to 85%. The modular design and warm water cooling technology of up to 50°C provide efficient and flexible deployment solutions, reducing the overall OPEX by up to 40% in large-scale deployment scenarios. In 2 U specifications, a single chassis provides high-density computing capabilities of four nodes, two-socket servers, and supports all-flash storage of 24 NVMe SSDs in a single chassis. The high-bandwidth and low-latency 100 Gbit/s high-speed interconnection technology delivers a single-node throughput of 4.8 million IOPS.

"In the current trend of enterprise digital transformation, customers are demanding more and more service reconstruction, driving the accelerated convergence of traditional high-performance computing (HPC) with emerging technologies such as cloud computing and big data. "FusionServer has excellent R&D capabilities and comprehensive product portfolios. Together with many industry partners, FusionServer has established multiple joint innovation centers around the world, and is dedicated to providing customers with technologically leading infrastructure and innovative HPC cloudification and HPC & Big Data solutions," said the FusionServer owner at the launch site. to help our customers achieve business success."

As an important partner of xFusion's FusionServer, Intel was invited to witness the launch of FusionServer's next-generation high-performance computing platform. "The FusionServer X6000 high-performance computing platform integrated with the Intel Scalable System framework (OPA) provides balanced performance and flexibility to efficiently carry various types of high-performance computing loads. "The FusionServer X6000 high-performance computing platform is a perfect example of Intel Xeon processors and fully-connected architecture to accelerate applications in the high-performance computing industry," said Hugo Saleh, Director of Marketing for Intel OPA Solutions.

At SC16, xFusion's FusionServer demonstrated high-performance computing solutions for industry scenarios. The high-density computing platforms include FusionServer E9000 and X6800. The 100G high-speed interconnection technology and excellent cluster scalability can significantly accelerate industrial CAE simulation. The KunLun supercomputer supports a maximum of 32 sockets in a single system, meeting the requirements of cutting-edge research and frequent in-memory computing.

During the SC16 conference, xFusion's FusionServer also announced and demonstrated a series of collaborations with multiple industry partners, including announcing with ANSYS that they would work together to build industrial simulation solutions and a joint on-site release of a fluid simulation performance white paper. Provide optimal system configuration suggestions for industrial customers in fluid simulation scenarios.

In recent years, xFusion's FusionServer high-performance computing has attracted the attention of the industry. It has deployed high-performance computing clusters for many global auto manufacturers, large supercomputing centers, and scientific research institutes, helping customers greatly simplify business processes and improve work efficiency. It allows customers to focus on product development and research.

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