FusionServer X6000 V6 High-Density Server

High-Density Computing and High Energy Efficiency for Large-Scale Server Deployment

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    Product Introduction

    The FusionServer X6000 V6 server is a new-generation 2 U high-density server designed to meet the requirements of Internet, HPC, cloud computing, and data center applications. It optimizes software-defined storage, big data, and SDI infrastructure and innovates architectures to meet large-scale server deployment requirements.

    High-density computing and ultimate performance

    High-density computing and ultimate performance

    A 2 U chassis can house a maximum of four 1 U half-width 2-socket server nodes and eight Intel® Xeon® third-generation Xeon® Scalable processor (270 W)

    Twenty-four NVMe SSDs support 2+4 load balancing.

    8-channel DDR4 3200 memory improves bandwidth by 45%

    Aggregation management and easy maintenance

    Aggregation management and easy maintenance

    The BMC of each node is used for collaborative management, which integrates the advantages of blades and racks.

    Nodes are installed at the rear and cables are routed out at the rear

    Modular design, drives, nodes, PSUs, OCP cards, and fans greatly improve O&M efficiency

    Shared architecture and energy saving

    Shared architecture and energy saving

    Server nodes share four PSUs in 1+1 or 2+2 redundancy mode.

    The chassis supports a maximum of four 3000 W PSUs.

    Drives do not have backplanes and airfoil-shaped counter-rotating fans, improving the air intake rate by 35%.

    Large-scale VC connected heat sink and phase-change VC technology increase thermal conductivity by more than 15 times.

    Technical Specifications


    FusionServer X6000 V6

    Form Factor

    2U 4-node chassis

    Node System

    4 1U half-width 2-socket servers


    4 hot-swappable 1200 W/1500 W/2000 W/3000 W AC PSUs in 1+1/2+2 redundancy mode, and hot swappable

    Power Supply

    100 V–240 V AC, 48 V DC (1200 W), and 336 V DC (1500 W)

    Fan Modules

    4 hot-swappable 8080+ fan modules in N+1 redundancy mode

    Operating Temperature

    5°C to 45°C (41°F to 113°F)



    Dimensions (H x W x D)

    86.1 mm x 447 mm x 899 mm (3.40 in. x 18.78 in. x 35.40 in.)

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