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    iBMC Server Management Software

    Intelligent Baseboard Management Controller (iBMC) is an embedded server management system used to manage servers throughout their lifecycles. It provides a series of management tools for hardware status monitoring, deployment, energy saving, and security, and offers standard interfaces to build a complete server management ecosystem.

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    Monitoring and Troubleshooting


    Fault diagnosis and management (FDM) is a series of diagnosis technologies and tools provided by iBMC. FDM monitors various server components to implement in-depth fault diagnosis and prediction for key server components. It provides a fault locating success rate of 96%.

    Intelligent Power Consumption Management


    The Dynamic Energy Management Technology (DEMT) dynamically and intelligently adjusts the power consumption of each component based on a set of input parameters, such as the CPU load and ambient temperature. The DEMT and hibernation technologies make device energy management more efficient, reducing power consumption by 15% to 30% on average.

    Remote O&M


    iBMC provides various remote O&M tools and capabilities, including KVM, SOL, virtual media, and web access. It supports remote configuration, upgrade, and deployment, allowing O&M personnel to conveniently access servers and perform configuration and recovery.

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