FusionServer 5288 V6 Rack Server

Meets warm and cold storage requirements and is preferred for video analysis storage servers

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    Product Introduction

    FusionServer 5288 V6 is a 4U 2-socket rack server that meets service requirements such as hot, warm, and cold data tiered deployment and historical data archiving. With its efficient design, FusionServer 5288 V6 ensures excellent computing performance and provides flexible and ultra-large local storage expansion capabilities, reducing data storage costs. The 5288 V6 can be configured with two Intel Xeon scalable processor, 32 DDR4 DIMMs, and 44 3.5-inch + 4 NVMe SSDs in a 4 U space. Integrates patented technologies such as DEMTPatent No: 200810142176.5 intelligent power management and FDMPatent No: 201410712709.4; 201510500335.4; ZL201510979591.6 intelligent fault management, and can be configured with FusionDirector full-lifecycle management software, effectively reducing OPEX and improving ROI.

    Ultra-large local storage

    Ultra-large local storage

    Supports a maximum of 44 3.5-inch hard disks and four NVMe disks, meeting requirements for warm and cold data storage and high-speed storage media

    Super video analytics storage

    Super video analytics storage

    Supports eight half-height half-length GPU acceleration cards to provide up to 640 FHD video analysis channels and 36 3.5-inch hard disks to meet video analysis and large-capacity storage requirements

    Diversified and flexible expansion

    Diversified and flexible expansion

    Two hot-swappable OCP3.0 NICs

    11 PCIe 4.0 expansion slots

    2 x M.2 SSD, hot-swappable, hardware RAID

    Technical Specifications


    FusionServer 5288 V6

    Form Factor

    4U Rack Server


    1/2 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® scalable processor (Ice Lake) (8300 / 6300 / 5300 / 4300 Series) , up to 270W

    Chip Set

    Intel® C621A


    32 DDR4 memory slots, up to 3200 MT/s; Up to 16 Intel® Optane TM Persistent Memory 200 Series, up to 3200MT/s

    Local Storage

    Various hard disk configurations are supported. The hard disks are hot swappable:

    · 36 to 44 3.5-inch SAS/SATA HDDs and 4 NVMe SSDs

    · 24 x 3.5-inch SAS/SATA front hard disks

    · 4 3.5-inch SAS/SATA internal hard disks

    · 16 3.5-inch SAS/SATA hard disks and four 2.5-inch SAS/SATA/NVMe rear hard disks

    · 12 3.5-inch SAS/SATA disks and eight 2.5-inch rear hard disks (4 x 2.5″ HDDs + 4 x 2.5″ SAS/SATA/NVMe)

    Flash storage:

    · Dual M.2 SSDs

    RAID Support

    Supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 50, 6, and 60, cache supercapacitor protection, RAID level migration, disk roaming, self-diagnosis, and web-based remote configuration, and multiple network expansion capabilities


    OCP 3.0 NIC

    The two FLEX I/O card slots support two OCP 3.0 NICs, which can be configured as required

    Supports multiple OCP 3.0 NICs

    Supports hot swap

    PCIe Expansion

    A maximum of 11 PCIe 4.0 slots, including one dedicated PCIe slot for the RAID controller card, two dedicated FLEX I/O slots for OCP3.0, and eight standard PCIe 4.0 slots

    Fan Modules

    4 hot-swappable fans, supporting N+1 redundancy

    Power Supply

    2 redundant hot-swappable PSUs are configured in 1+1 redundancy mode. The optional specifications are as follows:

    · 900W AC Platinum/Titanium power supply (Input: 100–240 V AC or 192–288 V DC)

    · 1500 W AC Platinum PSU

    · 1000 W (input: 100 V AC to 127 V AC)

    · 1500 W (input: 200–240 V AC or 192–288 V DC)

    · 2000 W AC Platinum PSU

    · 1800 W (input: 200–220 V AC or 192–200 V DC)

    · 2000 W (input: 220–240 V AC or 200–288 V DC)


    · The BMC chip integrates one dedicated management GE network port to provide comprehensive management features such as fault diagnosis, automatic O&M, and hardware security hardening

    · The BMC supports standard interfaces such as Redfish, SNMP, and IPMI2.0. Provides a remote management interface based on HTML5/VNC KVM. Supports out-of-band management functions, such as monitoring, diagnosis, configuration, agentless, and remote control, simplifying management

    · FusionDirector management software can be used to provide advanced management features such as five intelligent features, implementing intelligent, automatic, visualized, and refined management throughout the lifecycle

    Operating Systems

    Microsoft Windows Server、SUSE Linux Enterprise Server、VMware ESXi、Red Hat Enterprise Linux、CentOS、Oracle Linux、Ubuntu、Debian、openEuler etc

    Security Features

    Security features such as power-on password, administrator password, TPM 2.0, security panel, secure boot, and cover opening detection

    Operating Temperature

    5°C to 45°C (41°F to 113°F) (ASHARE Class A1/A2/A3)



    Installation Kit

    L-shaped guide rails, retractable guide rails, and holding rails

    Dimensions (H x W x D)

    Chassis dimensions: 175 mm x 447 mm x 790 mm

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