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FusionPoD 710 Full Liquid Cooling Cabinet Server

The FusionPoD 710 fully liquid-cooled cabinet server (nameplate FP710, FusionPoD 710 for short) is a computing cluster server cabinet launched by Hyperfusion Technologies Co., Ltd. It features high density, high performance, high energy efficiency, high reliability, integrated delivery, simplified O M, and low TCO. FusionPoD 710 applies to various applications, such as cloud computing, virtualization, big data, and HPC. It can be widely deployed in data centers such as enterprises, IDCs, carriers, and the Internet.
  • High Density

    The 1 U space provides 4 CPUs, a single cabinet supports up to 144 CPUs, improving the deployment density by 4 times; No UPS, battery room, air conditioner required, save the equipment room space by 80%; The power of a single cabinet reaches 33/66KW, and PSUs are configured in N+M redundancy mode.

  • High Energy Efficiency

    100% full liquid cooling, board-level liquid cooling takes 80% heat away, and liquid cooling door takes 20% heat away; Intelligent power peak prediction and intelligent power supply mode switching improve power supply efficiency by 4%; Cooling PUE ≤ 1.10.

  • Easy to Manage

    Integrated delivery, 0 cable deployment, and liquid-cooled blind mating, shortening the rollout period by 4 times; Robotic automatic O&M, evolving to "drone room"; FusionDirector Intelligent Management.

Technical Specifications

Specification Name Specifications
Available Space 47U
Heat Dissipation Mode Full liquid cooling
Management Module Supports two 10GE ports, one GE port, and one RS485 serial port
Server Node Supports a maximum of 32 1 U server nodes DH120C V5: 2 x Intel® Xeon® scalable processor, 24 DIMMs, 1 SATA SSD, and 2 PCIe cards DH140C V6: 4 x Intel® Xeon® scalable processor, 48 DIMMs (24 DIMMs currently configured), 1 SATA SSD, and 2 PCIe cards
Switch Node Supports two switch nodes
NIC Module Supports two types of NICs: CX5 NICs, which support 1 x 100GE link communication and provide service networks. SDI V3 Lite: supports two 25GE links for communication, NC-SI, network, and storage offloading.
Power Module Supports 24 PSUs, and a single PSU is 3 kW.
Cabinet Dimensions (H x W x D) Including caster: 2250 mm x 600 mm x 1226.5 mm Excluding caster: 2200 mm x 600 mm x 1226.5 mm

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