G5500 V5 GPU Server Chassis

Excellent Performance and Modular Design

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Product Introduction

FusionServer G5500 V5 is a heterogeneous server for data centers. It has high-density heterogeneous computing capabilities and supports GPUDirect RDMA and P2P. It also supports one-click switchover of heterogeneous topologies, providing heterogeneous topology configurations for diverse application loads. Thanks to its fully modular design, users can enjoy long-term evolution of CPUs and heterogeneous components.

Superior Heterogeneous Computing Capability

Superior Heterogeneous Computing Capability

A 4 U chassis supports a maximum of eight full-height full-length dual-slot heterogeneous accelerator cards with a maximum power consumption of 350 W or 32 half-height half-length heterogeneous accelerator cards with a maximum power consumption of 75 W.

Supports GPU Direct RDMA and Peer-to-Peer.

Flexible Heterogeneous Topology Configuration

Flexible Heterogeneous Topology Configuration

Supports one full-width or two half-width heterogeneous computing nodes.

Supports one-click topology switching.

Supports multiple topologies with CPU/GPU ratios of 1:2, 1:4, and 1:8.

Fully Modular Design

Fully Modular Design

Adopts decoupled CPU modules and heterogeneous modules to support long-term evolution of CPUs and heterogeneous components.

The PSUs, drives, and fan modules are modular and support hot swap and redundancy.

Technical Specifications


FusionServer G5500 V5 Data Center Heterogeneous Server Chassis


One full-width or two half-width heterogeneous compute nodes


Four 80 PLUS Platinum 2200 W AC hot-swappable PSUs in N+N redundancy

Fan Module

Six hot-swappable intelligent fan modules in N+1 redundancy


Four PCIe Gen3 x16 half-height half-length NICs (IB/OPA/Ethernet)


Aggregation management network ports

Power Supply

110 V/220 V AC or 240 V HVDC

Dimensions (H x W x D)

175 mm × 447 mm × 790 mm (6.89 in. x 17.60 in. x 31.10 in.)

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