FusionPoD Liquid-Cooled Server DH121C V6 Node

New Benchmark for Commercial Liquid Cooling Leading Flagship of High-Density Computing Power

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    Product Introduction

    DH121C V6 is a 1 U 2-socket liquid-cooled server node with large capacity memory on the basis of the latest 3rd-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (Ice Lake). DH121C V6 is designed for breaking energy restriction and improving system computing intensity, featuring high computing performance, high liquid cooling heat dissipation ratio and easy management and maintenance. DH121C V6 supports 1 x 2.5" SAS/SATA drive or 12 x 2.5" NVMe drives, 32 x DIMMs and 3 x standard PCIe expansion slots. With powerful computing, large local storage, and high scalability of ports, DH121C V6 is ideal for data centers, cloud computing, big data, and Internet applications.

    Full Liquid Cooling

    Full Liquid Cooling

    Unmatched energy efficiency: PUE < 1.1

    Mature ecosystem: cold-plate liquid cooling and eco-friendly materials with zero fluoride

    Scale deployment: mature liquid cooling technology, successful commercial deployment and no liquid leakage incident

    Continuous evolution: Big power consumption single-chip supports evolution into high-power CPUs.

    Supreme Computing Power

    Supreme Computing Power

    High computing power intensity: DH121C V6 contains two high-power CPUs.

    High-density deployment: Integration of L1 and L2 reduces the space of cooling and power distribution equipment, increasing the utilization rate of the equipment room.

    Full Monitoring

    Full Monitoring

    Leakage-proof design: The leakage prevention design in node, cabinet and equipment room ensures zero liquid leakage: The three-grade leakage monitoring provides precise alarms within seconds.

    Component high reliability: The liquid cooling system uses high reliable components with over 10 years service life.

    System high reliability: The fault prediction, diagnosis and self-healing capabilities provide remedial measures and proactive O&M services.

    Full Blind Mating

    Full Blind Mating

    Zero cables and three-bus blind mating: The unique three-bus blind mating capability is supported with zero cables in the rack, supporting automatic O&M and serving as an unmanned data center.

    Easy replacement of parts: Memory modules can be replaced without removing the liquid cooling plates.

    Rack-scale delivery: The whole cabinet has been installed, tested, and debugged on the production line before being delivered to the customer's equipment room.

    Technical Specifications

    Dimensions (H x W x D)

    43.2 mm × 536 mm × 900 mm (1.70 in. x 21.10 in. x 35.43 in.)

    Full Configuration Weight

    • Maximum net weight (not configured with 12 NVMe drives): 16 kg (35.27 lb)

    • Maximum weight (configured with 12 NVMe drives): 16.9 kg (37.26 lb)

    • Packing material weight: 8.7 kg (19.18 lb)

    Node Chassis

    Height: 1 U; width: 533.4 mm (21 in.); depth: 900 mm (35.43 in.)


    2 x third-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (Ice Lake)

    Each processor integrates a memory controller, supporting eight memory channels.

    Built-in PCIe controller, supporting PCIe 4.0 and 64 lanes per processor

    3-socket UltraPath Interconnect (UPI) bus interconnection with up to 11.2 GT/S transmission speed per bus

    Up to 38 cores

    UP to 3.0 GHz

    Min. 1.5 MB L3 cache per core

    Up to 300 W TDP


    32 x memory module slots

    Up to 32 x DDR4 DIMMs

    The memory module type can be either RDIMM or LRDIMM.

    Max. 3200 MT/s memory speed

    Mixed use of DIMMs with a same type but two different capacities is supported (install the DIMMs with large capacity in primary channels and the DIMMs with small capacity in secondary channels and ensure DIMMs are fully configured or symmetrically installed along CPUs).

    Up to 16 PMem memory modules.

    The PMem modules must be used with the DDR4 DIMMs, and each channel supports only one PMem module.

    The PMem modules work in the AD mode or MM mode.

    Max. 3200 MT/s memory speed

    PMem modules of different specifications (capacity and rank) cannot be used together.

    Local Storage

    (Optional) 1 x 2.5″ SAS/SATA drive or 12 x 2.5″ NVMe drives

    PCIe Card

    25GE dual-NIC or SDI V3 NIC for each node


    1 x 48 V to 12 V PSU, with a rated power of 1600 W

    Front I/O and Indicator

    1 x PowerButton indicator/button, 1 x health indicator, and 1 x UID indicator/button

    Fan Module

    Air cooling: 5 fan modules (non-NVME scenarios) or 7 fan modules (12-NVMe scenarios)


    Built-in BMC chip on the mainboard


    Operating temperature: 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F) (ASHRAE Classes A1 to A3 compliant)

    Storage temperature (within three months): –30°C to +60°C (–22°F to +140°F)

    Storage temperature (within one year): –10°C to +35°C (14°F to 95°F)

    Maximum temperature change rate: 20°C (36°F) per hour, 5°C (9°F) per 15 minutes

    Note: When a single fan is faulty, the maximum operating temperature is 5°C (9°F) lower than the rated value.

    Empty water inside the equipment for long-term storage.

    Humidity (RH and No Condensing)

    Operating temperature: 8% to 90%

    Storage humidity (within three months): 8% to 85%

    Storage humidity (within six months): 8% to 80%

    Storage humidity (within one year): 20% to 75%

    Maximum change rate: 20% per hour


    ≤ 3050 m (10,006.56 ft)

    When the configuration complies with ASHRAE Class A1 and A2, and the operating altitude is above 900 m (2952.76 ft), the operating temperature decreases by 1°C (1.8°F) for every increase of 300 m (984.25 ft).

    When the server configuration complies with ASHRAE Class A3 standards and the altitude is above 900 m (2,952.76 ft), the operating temperature decreases by 1°C (1.8°F) for every increase of 175 m (574.15 ft).


    SP385 NIC, SP583 NIC, SP382 NIC, SP682 NIC, FBGF-NIC-R1S2 NIC and SDI V3 NIC


    Port on the front panel: 1 x RJ45 management port

    Port on the rear panel: 1 x high-speed signal port, 1 x power socket, and 1 x liquid-cooling port

    Built-in port: 1 x SATA drive port

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