G560 V5 Full-Width Compute Node

Provides the optimal heterogeneous topology configuration for diverse application workloads. Uses a fully modular design, supporting long-term evolution of CPU and heterogeneous components

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    Product Introduction

    FusionServer G560 V5 is a full-width heterogeneous computing node that delivers high-density heterogeneous computing power and supports one-click topology switching. The server uses a fully modular design with independent CPUs and a heterogeneous unit. It is the best-in-class heterogeneous computing platform for AI training, high-performance computing (HPC), intelligent cloud, and database acceleration.

    Exceptional Heterogeneous Computing Capabilities

    Exceptional Heterogeneous Computing Capabilities

    A full-width heterogeneous computing node that supports up to 8 FHFL heterogeneous accelerator cards

    Support for GPUDirect RDMA and Peer-to-Peer, and NVLink interconnect technologies, enabling direct memory access for multiple GPU cards

    Flexible Topology Configuration

    Flexible Topology Configuration

    Support for one-click topology switching and different CPU/GPU configuration ratios for diverse applications

    Fully Modular Design

    Fully Modular Design

    The design features a decoupled CPU module and a heterogeneous module, supporting CPU and a heterogeneous unit for long-term evolution.

    Power supply units (PSUs), drives, and fan modules are modular, supporting hot-swap and redundancy backup to simplify O&M.

    Technical Specifications


    G560 V5

    Form Factor

    Full-width heterogeneous computing nodes

    GPU Accelerator Card

    Up to 8 NVIDIA® Tesla® PCIe or SXM2 V100/P100/P40/P4


    2 x scalable processors


    Up to 24 x DDR4 DIMMs

    Local Storage

    PCIe GPU model: 8 x 3.5-inch SSDs or SAS/SATA HDDs, 6 x 2.5-inch NVMe SSDs or SAS/SATA HDDs and 2 x 2.5-inch SSDs or SAS/SATA HDDs

    SXM2 GPU model: 8 x 2.5-inch SSDs or SAS/SATA HDDs, 6 x 2.5-inch NVMe SSDs or SAS/SATA HDDs and 2 x 2.5-inch SSDs or SAS/SATA HDDs


    RAID 0, 1, 10, 5, 50, 6, or 60

    A supercapacitor for protecting cache data from power failures.

    Operating System

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Cent OS, and Ubuntu


    On-board BMC management module

    Supports management features such as IPMI, SOL, KVM over IP, and virtual media

    Operating Temperature

    5°C–35°C (41°F–95°F)

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