Transparent Procurement Principles

Fair, open business environment

1. To keep our procurement processes fair and open, we ask suppliers to inform us if they have any relationship with xFusion Technologies International Co., Limited and its affiliates (collectively "we", "us", and "our") that could cause a conflict of interest. Conflicts of interest may arise in the following circumstances:
(a)One of our current or former employees is a direct investor or works for the supplier.

(b)A close family member of one of our employees is a direct investor or works for the supplier. Close family members means spouses, children and their spouses, parents or parents-in-law, siblings and their spouses.

Fair, open business environment

2. We do not designate tier-2 suppliers


We will never designate a tier-2 supplier. If one of our employee attempts to direct a supplier to use a specific tier-2 supplier (e.g. by writing a tier-2 supplier into project drawings/technical specifications, in telephone communication, face-to-face, or via email), the supplier should report the situation to our Procurement or the following dedicated complaint mailbox immediately.

3. No bribery of any form


We are committed to zero commercial bribery in our supplier relations. Commercial bribery can take the following forms:

(a)Giving any of our employees cash, cash equivalents, or valuable gifts.

(b)Organizing for any of our employees to go on holiday, enjoy expensive entertainment, or attend a conference in a holiday destination.

(c)Arranging work or paying expenses for the family and friends of any of our employees.

(d)Bribing any of our employees through an agent or middleman.

(e)Directly or indirectly offer improper benefits to our employees in the form of loans (money, cars, houses), and financial guarantees.

4. No deception


We expects high quality materials and services from our suppliers. Suppliers may not deliver any material that does not meet specifications, or that does not comply with current industry standards. All documentation, data, descriptions, and verbal communications should be honest and accurate.


 Complaints and feedback

Complaints and feedback


If you ever see any problems when you are working with our procurement, please send an email to the Inspection Department. We need to know about misconduct, so that we can sort the problems out. In particular, please tell us about bribery, kickbacks or commissions, conflicts of interest, deception, or employees using company resources for personal gain, in the form of loans (money, cars, houses). If you feel you have been treated unfairly, discriminated against, or misled.

Please notify us by writing to

We will handle all complaints in the strictest confidence.