Rack-Scale Full Liquid Cooling Servers

New Flagship of High-Density Computing Power
New Benchmark for Commercial Liquid Cooling

Full Liquid Cooling

Full Liquid Cooling

Unmatched energy efficiency: PUE < 1.1

Mature Ecosystem: cold-plate liquid cooling and eco-friendly materials with zero fluoride

Scale deployment: mature liquid cooling technology, successful commercial deployment and zero liquid leakage incident

Continuous evolution: High-power single chip supports the evolution into high-power CPUs.

Supreme Computing Power

Supreme Computing Power

High computing power intensity: The cabinet supports 36 nodes, equivalent to four racks.

High-density installation: 100% utilization of the rack space.

High-density deployment: Integration of L1 and L2 reduces the space of cooling and power distribution equipment, increasing the utilization rate of the equipment room.

Full Monitoring

Full Monitoring

Leakage-proof design: Leakage prevention design in node, cabinet and equipment ensures zero liquid leakage; the three-grade leakage monitoring provides precise alarm within seconds.

Components of high reliability: The liquid cooling system uses high reliable components with over 10-year service life.

System of high reliability: Fault prediction, diagnosis and self-healing capability provide remedial measures and proactive O&M services.

Full Blind Mating

Full Blind Mating

Zero cables and three-bus blind mating: The unique three-bus blind mating capability is supported with zero cables in the rack, supporting automatic O&M and serving as an unmanned data center.

Easy replacement of parts: Memory modules can be replaced without removing the liquid cooling plates.

Rack-scale delivery: The whole cabinet has been installed, tested, and debugged on the production line before being delivered to the customer's equipment room.

Main Application Scenario
Cloud scenarios, HPC, and liquid cooling data center

FusionPoD 700 Liquid Cooling Cabinet

Support 36 1 U server nodes



DH141C V5 Liquid-Cooled Server

Four 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors

32 (2 TB)

4 × 2.5ʺ

DH121C V6 Liquid-Cooled Server

Two third-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors

32 (3 TB)

1 × 2.5ʺ

1 × 2.5ʺ + 12 × NVMe

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