Brand Customization Service

To meet your individual needs, we provide you with server BIOS customization, BMC customization, Raid customization, hard disk slot installation customization, PCIE slot installation sequence customization, label customization, OS pre-installation and other services
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    1. Applicable Product

    This service scope covers servers produced by xFusion.

    2. Service Description

    xFusion brand customization service is tailored for customers with special customization needs, including three major services such as configuration customization, model design and server certification. xFusion has the industry leading standardized manufacturing process and data center, directly connecting the factory to that of the customer, which help to save time for the customer, reduce costs and minimize risk and customize the service, thus helping customers fulfill easier management and more rapid innovation, so as to let technology truly match the business process, leading the customer eventually to business success in a pragmatic path.

    3. Service Content

    The customers can propose the relevant customized requirements according to their own business requirements.

    Take the xFusion rack-scale server as an example. Server brand customized service mainly contains:

    • Brand customization - Customized basic version: You can customize the BIOS, BMC, RAID, customer labels, delivery table, drive slots, and PCIe slot installation sequence.
    • Brand customization - Customized advanced version: On the base of the basic version, you can customize the OS.
    • Brand customization - Model design: Provides the mainboard customization, chassis customization, power customization, compute power scenario customization, power consumption design and cost design.
    • Brand customization - Server certification: Provides certification services to the following items, such as CCC derived license holder, CCC derived license holder report and certificate update (referring to certification update without testing), CCC derived manufacturer, CCC derived manufacturer report and certificate update (referring to certification update without testing), CCC customization manufacturer, CCC customization manufacturer update, the derived license holder of Overseas Environmental labeling product Certification Certificate, the license holder of new application of Overseas Environmental labeling product Certification Certificate, certification fee of power supply update certificated by CCC, certification fee of CPU update certificated by CCC, CQC derived license holder and the application of CQC new manufacturer.

    4. Service Exemption

    xFusion service exemption instruction is as follows:

    1. xFusion service may fail to serve as required due to the following conditions:

    1) Accidents caused by force majeure (such as fire, flood, earthquake and lightning strike).

    2) Deterioration of service conditions caused by social problems (such as unrest, war, strike and government regulation).

    3) The service cannot serve due to the interruption of energy supply (such as electricity, water and oil).

    2. xFusion does not provide any clear or implied commercial and technical guarantees not covered herein.

    3. In any case, xFusion shall not be liable for the direct or indirect economic loss due to this service instruction. The maximum amount of compensation for your losses caused by xFusion shall not be higher than the amount paid for purchasing the product/service.

    4. This service is an optional service, and you can choose if purchase the related service and choose when to terminate it. If you purchase the related service, that is, you allow xFusion to access, collect and deal with fault, as well as detect, position and debug the related information. xFusion shall follow your request to access and process relevant information with your consent. As you are the controller of these information, xFusion shall not be able to confirm if these information contain confidential or personal data. You shall guarantee that xFusion will obtain or retain all necessary consents, licenses and authorizations ("consents") to provide the services in accordance with applicable legal requirements so that xFusion will not violate applicable legal requirements, your privacy policy, or the agreement between you and the user in providing the services.