Compliance and Integrity

Promise from the Top

xFusion's management team follows the core principles of conducting business with integrity, maintaining a strong sense of business ethics and complying with all applicable laws and regulations; xFusion is committed to establishing a compliance management system that aligns with industry best practices, and incorporating compliance management into end-to-end business activities and processes; xFusion will continue cultivating a culture of integrity and requires that all employees adhere to the Employee Business Conduct Guidelines (BCG).

Compliance Management at xFusion

  • We have a Compliance Management Committee (CMO) to centrally manage the company's operational compliance, and the CMO reports to the operation management team; every business department of our company has also appointed a compliance officer who is responsible for the compliance management in the corresponding business field, and the Risk Control Officer (RCO) is also appointed to be in charge of end-to-end risk management operation.
  • The CMO identifies and assesses risk with reference to applicable laws and regulations and business scenarios. On top of this, the CMO sets compliance objectives, develops control measures, and incorporates them into all of business activities and processes. This ensures effective compliance management and oversight in each business link. xFusion also conducts self-checks, checks and audits to verify the effectiveness of its compliance management system and continuously optimizes the system through root cause analysis and targeted corrective action.
  • xFusion attaches great importance to and continuously raises the compliance awareness and capabilities of its employees. Through training, publicity, assessments, disciplinary action, and other methods, xFusion pushes its employees to fully understand both the company's and their own responsibilities and obligations to ensure compliance and incorporate that understanding into their behavior.
  • With an open mind, the company proactively works with customers, partners, regulators, and other stakeholders on compliance, and communicates our compliance principles and practices to them to constantly enhance mutual understanding and trust.

Compliance Management in Each Domain

Third-party Compliance Management

Supplier Compliance Management

xFusion requires suppliers to comply with applicable laws and regulations and to abide by the xFusion Supplier Social Responsibility Code of Conduct, and to honor their commitment to honesty and integrity. The company encourages suppliers to establish compliance management systems and build compliance expertise. It also passes on compliance requirements to suppliers and conducts due diligence on them, and terminates partnerships with non-compliant and dishonest suppliers.

Transparent Procurement Principles for Suppliers

Partner Compliance Management

xFusion pays special attention to partner compliance management, and incorporates compliance requirements into partner management policies and certification systems. The company steers partners to develop their compliance management capabilities. It also conducts proper due diligence and authenticity checks on partners, encourages the reporting of violations, takes disciplinary action against violators, and terminates partnerships with non-compliant and dishonest partners.