Equipment Health Check Service

Using professional knowledge and intelligent tools to provide flexible and fast server health inspection services, find existing problems and hidden dangers in time, ensure the normal operation of the system, and improve server reliability
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    1. Applicable Product

    The service covers server equipments produced by xFusion and third-party products resold by xFusion.

    2. Service Description

    The equipment health check service involves checks and analysis of data configuration and operation status of the equipment produced by xFusion or third-party products resold by xFusion for problems and potential risks during equipment operation, and provides check summary reports and related measures to ensure the safe and efficient operation of servers.

    This service is completed through xFusion's specialized O&M tools. After the equipment health check ends, xFusion submits the Equipment Health Check Report to you.

    • Both parties hold the following responsibilities for the equipment health check service:
    Submit the Equipment Health Check Service Application as required by the service frequency described in the contract.
    Responsible party
    Approve the service application and provide necessary assistance.
    Responsible party
    Make health check plans based on the site information provided by the customer.
    Responsible party
    Assisting party
    Provide remote access channels and the account and password for temporary access.
    Responsible party
    Ensure that xFusion engineers can access working places properly. Authorize xFusion engineers to obtain related access for equipment operations and ensure the safety of working conditions. (If necessary).
    Responsible party
    Inspect equipment configurations and operation status, and collect related information for further analysis.
    Responsible party
    Summarize the check and analyze network problems and potential risks.
    Responsible party
    Submit the Equipment Health Check Report, communicate with customers about detected problems and potential risks, and provide solutions or suggestions.
    Responsible party
    Assisting party

    3. Service Content

    Check data configuration and operation status of the equipment, discover possible causes of potential faults, explore the essence of problems, and provide the health check summary and suggestions.

    Take a 2288H V5 server as an example. The health check mainly involves:

    • Basic equipment information check: checking basic information of the equipment, such as configuration information, version compatibility, version risks, asset information collection, log collection, baseline version, and more
    • Operation status check: checking the equipment operation status, such as the hardware operation status, equipment reset status, equipment temperature, and more
    Service Item
    Service Content
    Preparation before the health check

    Before the check, ensure that:

    • The PC is connected to the iBMC network, HMM/CMC network, and OS network of the server to be operated.

    Before implementing the equipment health check, the xFusion engineer and service partner engineer certified by xFusion will confirm with you about the following information:

    • Owner and related contact information
    • Device model and quantity
    • Server iBMC/HMM/CMC management port IP address
    • Server iBMC/HMM/CMC username and password
    • OS IP address
    • OS user account and password
    Health check
    • Configuration check: querying system power status
    • Asset information collection: collecting the product name, hardware location, ESN information, BIOS version, BMC version, firmware version, CPU slot and model, system time, and more
    • Version compatibility check: inspecting firmware and driver compatibility, CPU and OS compatibility check, and more
    • Log collection: collecting operation logs, alarm information, and more
    • Operation status check: hardware health status, device resets, device temperature, and more
    Conclusion and Suggestions

    Analyze network problems and potential risks based on the check results. Submit the Equipment Health Check Report and provide solutions or suggestions.

    4. Service Exemption

    xFusion service exemption instruction is as follows:

    1. xFusion service may fail to serve as required due to the following conditions:

    1) Accidents caused by force majeure (such as fire, flood, earthquake and lightning strike).

    2) Deterioration of service conditions caused by social problems (such as unrest, war, strike and government regulation).

    3) The service cannot serve due to the interruption of energy supply (such as electricity, water and oil).

    2. xFusion does not provide any clear or implied commercial and technical guarantees not covered herein.

    3. In any case, xFusion shall not be liable for the direct or indirect economic loss due to this service instruction. The maximum amount of compensation for your losses caused by xFusion shall not be higher than the amount paid for purchasing the product/service.