Expert Residency Service

Based on your needs, senior experts will be dispatched to provide operation and maintenance support services for a certain period of time (the specific time is agreed in the contract)
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    1. Applicable Product

    The service covers equipments produced by xFusion and third-party products resold by xFusion.

    2. Service Description

    Expert Residency service refers to that xFusion assigns qualified engineers to provide continuous on-site maintenance service at customers' working sites for xFusion products purchased by customers. Assigned engineers work with customers' engineers at customers' working sites, get to know customers' internal process and requirements, network conditions, focus on customers' current network products and technologies, help customers to prevent occurrence of major faults or rapidly solve faults when faults occur.

    Assigned engineers work eight hours per day and five days per week (Monday to Friday) and entitled to take the statutory holidays in local countries.

    3. Service Content

    • Daily fault handling and operation week report/annual report: responsible for technical service support of all equipment and products manufactured in xFusion's original plants and purchased by customers, and produce weekly/monthly maintenance reports.
    • Trouble ticket tracking and upgrade and assistance for xFusion technical assistance center (TAC) to deal with faults: according to relevant service clauses, handle major and difficult faults of customers' equipment immediately; responsible for upgrading and tracking trouble tickets and collecting relevant information and assistance for xFusion TAC to deal with faults.
    • Routine check and report: responsible for routine check service and report producing for all equipment manufactured in xFusion's original plants.
    • Document management: responsible for maintenance of configuration information of equipment and products manufactured in xFusion's original plants.
    • Service contact: the unified contact person of product-related service for customers.
    • Limited product knowledge support: responsible for providing technical answers, technical documents and consultation for maintenance of relevant products; participate in some important maintenance meetings and provide expert advises.

    Duties of both parties in expert Residency service

    xFusion's Duty
    Customer's Duty
    Formulate the statement of work (SOW) of services.
    Responsible party
    Assisting party
    Assign qualified engineers to work at customers' working site.
    Responsible party
    Determine the exclusive resident working site for assigned engineers, provide suitable working environment and ensure safety and health of the environment.
    Responsible party
    Provide necessary software and hardware access permission, official authorization of accessing data and information that are necessary for network and service delivery, cooperation, management personnel and other relevant resources for assigned engineers.
    Responsible party
    Daily fault handling and weekly/monthly maintenance report producing
    Responsible party
    Assisting party
    Trace and upgrade trouble tickets.
    Responsible party
    Assisting party
    Routine check and report.
    Responsible party
    Assisting party
    Documentation management.
    Responsible party
    Assisting party
    Limited product knowledge support.
    Responsible party
    Assisting party

     Services Beyond the Coverage

    xFusion assigned engineers are only responsible for services described in this work instruction. For other services beyond the coverage, extra charge would be required. Services that are beyond the coverage include are not limited to the following:

    • Business customized service and improvement service.
    • Software upgrade on-site implementation service and equipment capacity expansion implementation service.
    • Equipment authentication, data migration and data erasure.
    • Maintenance, solution architecture and implementation of daily backup and restoration.
    • Work related to applications, such as programming, script, configuration, management, application analysis and system analysis.
      Relocation services.
    • Departure from resident working site to other cities for maintenance and relevant work (note: the possible expenses include but are not limited to travel expenses, accommodation expenses and communication expenses).
    • Relevant overtime work required by customers (note: overtime salary and subsidy are involved).

    4. Service Exemption

    xFusion service exemption instruction is as follows:

    1. xFusion service may fail to serve as required due to the following conditions:

    1) Accidents caused by force majeure (such as fire, flood, earthquake and lightning strike).

    2) Deterioration of service conditions caused by social problems (such as unrest, war, strike and government regulation).

    3) The service cannot serve due to the interruption of energy supply (such as electricity, water and oil).

    2. xFusion does not provide any clear or implied commercial and technical guarantees not covered herein.

    3. In any case, xFusion shall not be liable for the direct or indirect economic loss due to this service description. The maximum amount of compensation for your losses caused by xFusion shall not be higher than the amount paid for purchasing the product/service.

    4. Expert Residency service provided by xFusion is optional, which means it is optional to buy relevant services and choose the time when the services should be ended. If you purchase the related service, that is, you allow xFusion to access, collect and deal with the fault, as well as detect, position and debug the related information. At the premise of your consent, xFusion accesses and processes relevant information as required by you, which is only for providing expert Residency services. As you are the controller of these information, xFusion shall not be able to confirm whether these information contains confidential or personal data. You shall guarantee that xFusion will obtain or retain all necessary consents, licenses and authorizations ("consents") to provide the services in accordance with applicable legal requirements so that xFusion will not violate applicable legal requirements, your privacy policy, or the agreement between you and the user in providing the services.