Software Subscription and Support Service

Provide you with technical support, patch updates, early warnings rectification of basic software to ensure the stable operation of the business
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    1. Applicable Product

    The service covers the devices produced by xFusion and the third party products resold by xFusion.

    2. Service Description

    Software SnS service (Subscription and Support) is a software base maintenance service solution provided by xFusion for customers who purchase its products. The service solution consists of software support and software subscription, providing services such as remote problem handling and software update/upgrade licensing to help you obtain the long-term value of your software in its life cycle.

    Based on the software SnS service you purchased in your contract/PO, xFusion will provide you with professional service support as described in the following content and description:

    • Software SnS service
    Service Contents
    Service Description
    Remote problem handling
    P1 problem (24 x 7 coverage): response within 30 minutes; P2 problem: response within 60 minutes; P3 problem: response within two hours; P4 problem: NBD response.
    Remote problem handling service response time definition: the time starts from when the technical support center responds and the engineer accepts the fault, until the technical service engineer contacts the user for the first time to start remote technical support service.
    Versions renewal and updates
    Software version update and upgrade license
    Online self-service
    The sharing service resources such as knowledge base, product information, and self-service tools on the xFusion website.


    1. xFusion will take necessary service methods according to the actual situation and the service level commitment to you in order to try to help you solve the problem timely and effectively, and xFusion reserves the right to choose the service methods;

    2. The start and end of this service is based on the period of service you purchased in the PO/contract. In case that the starting and ending time is not specified in the PO/contract, a) if the service is purchased with the product license, the service will start from the software activation by default, no later than 90 days after the software license contract signing/PO confirmation; b) if the renewal service is purchased separately, the service will start from the end time of the previous service by default.

    3. Service response time is based on commercially reasonable efforts.

    4. Service items that are not applicable to this service include but are not limited to:

    (1) Recovery of operating systems, other software, and data;

    (2) Operational testing of applications, or other testing requested or required by you;

    (3) Troubleshooting of interconnectivity or compatibility problems;

    (4) Services required due to your failure to install software and patches necessary for system restoration, repair, or modification provided by xFusion;

    (5) Services required due to your failure to take the circumvention measures recommended by xFusion

    5. For FusionOS SnS/Subscription, the service content includes security reinforcement.

    3. Service Contents

    3.1 Remote Problem Handling

    After receiving the software fault report, the xFusion engineer will first analyze and handle the fault remotely, and timely troubleshoot the fault. Remote problem handling includes telephone support and remote access.

    A. Telephone support

    After receiving the service request, xFusion will respond through telephone support within the response time specified by the service regulation to help you analyze, diagnose, and locate the problem, provide solutions to the problem, and guide you for implementation.

    B. Remote access

    For faults or problems that cannot be solved through telephone support services, after obtaining your consent, xFusion will log in to the faulty products through remote terminals to investigate and collect data, analyze the cause of the fault, propose solutions, guide you for implementation, and provide remote operation if necessary.

    • Division of responsibilities between the two sides in the remote problem handling service:
    Provide access to problem handling service requests.
    Responsible party
    Respond to service requests within the specified SLA
    Responsible party
    Assisting party
    Escalate the trouble ticket to the appropriate expert support team (if necessary).
    Responsible party
    Provide the serial number or barcode required for problem location as well as the location where the product is used, description of the failure phenomenon, and other relevant information needed to analyze the problem, such as alarms, logs, performance measurements, operation records.
    Assisting party
    Responsible party
    Provide remote access as well as temporary access account and password, and authorize xFusion for remote access.
    Responsible party
    Obtain customer authorization to access the product and handle problems by remote connection (when necessary).
    Responsible party
    Assisting party
    Locate and handle problems remotely.
    Responsible party
    Assisting party
    Provide a temporary solution to restore the system to its pre-failure state (if necessary).
    Responsible party
    Assisting party
    Implement problem solution and verify its effectiveness.
    Assisting party
    Responsible party
    Confirm the effectiveness of the solution and provide feedback on the status of the problem.
    Responsible party

    3.2 Version Updates and Upgrades

    xFusion provides you with software version update and upgrade download licenses, including software patches, software updates, software maintenance versions, software new features and software upgrade versions, so as to ensure that the software you purchase is always in the best performance, meets more application scenarios and higher business requirements, and continues to bring you profits.


    1. You can obtain the software update and software version upgrade through the xFusion technical support website, and xFusion provides remote guidance and assistance for installation.

    2. If you need the implementation service of the software version update or upgrade from xFusion, you need to purchase the corresponding service products separately.

    3.3 Online Self-Service

    The website of xFusion provides a large number of products and technical information, such as product user guide, configuration guide, networking case, maintenance experience. By enabling you to access the website and download the relevant information, you can grasp the latest maintenance experience and skills and obtain the latest product knowledge in a timely manner; you have the right to access the website self-service tool to obtain relevant maintenance service support conveniently and quickly.

    xFusion technical support website:

    4. Service Exemption

    xFusion service exemption instruction is as follows:

    1. xFusion service may fail to serve as required due to the following conditions:

    (1) Accidents caused by force majeure (such as fire, flood, earthquake, and lightning strike)

    (2) Deterioration of service conditions caused by social problems (such as unrest, war, strike, and government regulation)

    (3) The service cannot be implemented due to the interruption of energy supply (such as electricity, water and oil).

    2. xFusion's service commitment does not cover the following damages to xFusion devices:

    (1) Damage to the device provided by xFusion due to force majeure events (such as natural disasters, fire, and war)

    (2) Damage to the device due to natural wear and tear

    (3) Direct damage caused by the field device operating environment (such as humidity) or external factors (such as external electromagnetic interference, failure of internal interconnecting equipment) that do not meet the environmental requirements for normal operation of the device as already indicated in writing

    (4) Large-scale hardware or data damage to the device provided by xFusion due to your intentional or negligent, improper use, or intentional acts of vandalism

    (5) Damage caused by your failure to operate the device provided by xFusion in accordance with the user guide of the device

    (6) Damage to the system caused by you or a third party, including damage caused by not relocating or reinstalling the system without permission as required by xFusion; adjusting, modifying, or deleting identification marks without permission as required by xFusion

    (7) Damage to the system caused by your infrastructure

    (8) The device with hardware or software that has been modified without authorization from xFusion

    3. xFusion does not provide any clear or implied commercial and technical guarantees not covered herein.

    4. Under no circumstances shall xFusion be liable for the direct or indirect economic loss of the customer due to this service instruction, and the maximum compensation of xFusion for the loss of the customer due to its responsibility shall not be higher than the amount paid by you for the product/service.

    5. The software SnS service provided by xFusion is optional, and you can choose whether to purchase the relevant service and choose when to terminate it. If you purchase the related service, that is, you allow xFusion to access, collect and deal with fault, as well as detect, locate, and debug the related information. With your permission, xFusion access and process the relevant information based on your requirements. The information is only for software SnS service. As you are the controller of these information, xFusion shall not be able to confirm if these information contain confidential or personal data. You shall guarantee that xFusion will obtain or retain all necessary consents, licenses, and authorizations ("consents") to provide the services in accordance with applicable legal requirements so that xFusion will not violate applicable legal requirements, your privacy policy, or the agreement between you and the user during providing the services. xFusion shall take appropriate measures to guarantee the customer information security of this category, but shall not be liable directly or indirectly in the acquisition and processing of such information during providing the services.