One-off Onsite Service

Based on your single on-site service needs, dispatch engineers to the customer's site to assist customers with problem handling support services
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    1. Overview

    One-off onsite service refers to that xFusion sends engineers to the customer site to assist in troubleshooting and provide support service upon the customer's request of One-off onsite service. For scenarios of unclear customer services or emergent service requirements, xFusion can provide One-off onsite service, which is independent of maintenance service and can be purchased in batches and used on demand with high flexibility.

    2. Service Content

    The One-off onsite service contains fault information collection, problem analysis, fault analysis, problem solution and implementation and the replacement of faulty components.

    The One-off onsite service does not provide the required components, and the customers need to prepare spare components or purchase additionally.

    The customers assign qualified operation and maintenance personnel to cooperate with onsite xFusion engineers to provide the required information and help, and to ensure that xFusion engineers can easily access the site, obtain the access to operate the corresponding devices and the safety of the working environment.

    After onsite service is completed, xFusion will submit Onsite Technical Service Report, which contains service requests and records. For details, see Template of Onsite Technical Service Report.


    1. During onsite service, xFusion engineers can only operate on devices with the customers' permission.

    2. Onsite troubleshooting service excludes the software update, relevant onsite implementation service, or other onsite service aroused by non-problem handling.

    3. Assignment of Duties

    Duties of both parties in One-off onsite service:

    xFusion's Duty
    Customer's Duty
    Submit the request of One-off onsite service and provide necessary information.
    Responsible party
    Judge the fault by telephone, evaluate the possible expenses, and send a One-off onsite service quotation.
    Responsible party
    Sign a One-off onsite service quotation and pay the fee.
    Assisting party
    Responsible party
    Send engineers to go to the site and be prepared (such as transportation tools).
    Responsible party
    Assign a qualified operation and maintenance personnel to work with xFusion to provide the required information and assistance.
    Responsible party
    Ensure that the xFusion engineers can easily access the site, obtain the permission to operate the corresponding equipment, and ensure the safety of the working environment.
    Responsible party
    Onsite troubleshooting or the replacement of faulty components.
    Responsible party
    Assisting party
    Verify the implementation result.
    Responsible party
    Submit Onsite Technical Service Report, which contains the service requirements and operation records.
    Responsible party
    Sign on Onsite Technical Service Report and confirm the service is completed.
    Responsible party

    Notes: This service does not guarantee the arrival time of engineers and spare parts dispatched in time.

    4. Service Exemption

    xFusion does not provide any clear or implied commercial and technical guarantees not covered herein.

    In any circumstance, xFusion shall not bear responsibility for the customer's economic loss directly or indirectly caused by this service instruction.

    The maximum amount of liability for customer loss shall not exceed the amount paid by the customer for the product/service.

    The service provided by xFusion is an optional service, and the customer can choose to buy the relevant services and when to terminate the service.

    If you purchase the related service, that is, you allow xFusion to access, collect and deal with faults, as well as detect, position and debug the related information. With the customer's permission, access and process the relevant information based on the customer's requirements. The information is for providing service only. As you are the controller of these information, xFusion shall not be able to confirm if these information contain confidential or personal data. You shall guarantee that xFusion will obtain or retain all necessary consents, licenses and authorizations ("consents") to provide the services in accordance with applicable legal requirements so that xFusion will not violate applicable legal requirements, your privacy policy, or the agreement between you and the user in providing the services. xFusion shall take appropriate measures to guarantee the customer information security of this category, but shall not be liable directly or indirectly in the acquisition and processing of such information during providing the service.