Server Installation Service

To achieve efficient installation, rapid deployment of basic hardware, through planning and designing, implementation integration
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    1. Applicable Product

    This service covers all xFusion servers of all series, including but not limited to FusionServer V5/V6/V7 series rack, high-density servers, FusionServer G series heterogeneous servers and high performance servers.

    2. Service Description

    xFusion Server Installation Service is to help the customers to complete the device installation and ensure the fast service deployment. The service contains pre-installation check, hardware installation, basic debugging and basic acceptance.

    3. Service Contents

    Service Characteristics
    Service Scope Description
    Preparing for the Installation

    Before the service implementation, the engineers of xFusion or xFusion authenticated service partner shall confirm with the customers over the following questions.

    • The owner and relevant contact information.
    • Service implementation site and environment conditions (site/equipment room/installation space).
    • Device model, quantity, and configuration requirements.
    • Device power supply conditions (power, grounding and so on).
    • Interface type and routing conditions.
    • Installation location, temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions.
    • Service implementation time table.
    • Other relevant problems.
    Service Contents

    Installing hardware:

    • Assist customers in planning cabinet installation in terms of power supply, heat dissipation, load-bearing capacity and cable layout based on the device configuration to be installed.
    • Assist customers in unpacking and checking.
    • The cabinet integration and the main device installation.
    • Install the transfer board and modules according to the design document and install filler panels in vacant slots.
    • Connect and route the power cables and grounding cables. Tie cables and lay labels according to customer requirements.
    • Connect and lay relevant signal cables (excluding the client's optical cable, network cable, such as the service cable between the switch and device network port). Tie cables and lay labels as required.
    • Check whether the hardware installation is completed or not.
    • Check the device input voltage, device power-on, whether the device can operate normally, and whether the indicator works properly.

    Equipment debugging:

    • Connect the configuration cables of the out of band management network according to the design to ensure remote management.
    • Configure BIOS, BMC and RAID as required.
    • Escalate BIOS, BMC and CPLD to the latest versions of xFusion.
    • Check the software and hardware implementation specification according to the product specification.

    Device acceptance:

    • Check the device information to ensure the consistency with purchasing information.
    • Conduct quality check on the server installation through FusionServer Tools.
    • Acceptance document signing
    • Consolidate the relevant documents and materials, and complete basic use training (the position and function of frequently used components, and minor faulty analysis).
    The excluded service items

    The following services are related to extra charge. Please consult xFusion or xFusion authenticated service partner for more information.

    • Equipment room environment design, power supply and heat dispatch review.
    • Network design (planning solution and design) ,review and optimization (network topology and network protection).
    • Service and data migration implementation.
    • Third party hardware and software installation and configuration.
    • Services provided in non-standard working time period.
    • Unlisted services in other service instruction.

    4. Service Exemption

    xFusion service exemption instruction is as follows:

    1. xFusion service may fail to serve as required due to the following conditions:

    1) Accidents caused by force majeure (such as fire, flood, earthquake and lightning strike).

    2) Deterioration of service conditions caused by social problems (such as unrest, war, strike and government regulation).

    3) The service cannot serve due to the interruption of energy supply (such as electricity, water and oil).

    2. xFusion does not provide any clear or implied commercial and technical guarantees not covered herein.

    3. In any case, xFusion shall not be liable for the direct or indirect economic loss due to this service instruction. The maximum amount of compensation for your losses caused by xFusion shall not be higher than the amount paid for purchasing the product/service.

    4. This service is an optional service, and you can choose if purchase the related service and choose when to terminate it. If you purchase the related service, that is, you allow xFusion to access, collect and deal with fault, as well as detect, position and debug the related information. xFusion shall follow your request to access and process relevant information with your consent. As you are the controller of these information, xFusion shall not be able to confirm if these information contain confidential or personal data. You shall guarantee that xFusion will obtain or retain all necessary consents, licenses and authorizations ("consents") to provide the services in accordance with applicable legal requirements so that xFusion will not violate applicable legal requirements, your privacy policy, or the agreement between you and the user in providing the services.