Quality Policy

Quality Policy - Build high quality to win customers

Build high quality to win customers

Always bear in mind that quality is the cornerstone of xFusion's survival and the reason why customers choose xFusion.

Pursue zero defects, do things right once, and respect rules and processes to exploit the potential of all employees and to keep on improving.

Pass customers' requirements and expectations accurately to the entire value chain, and jointly build the quality of the entire value chain.

Adhere to the customer-centric principle, balance opportunities and risks with customers, and quickly respond to customer needs to achieve sustainable development.

Promise to provide customers with high-quality products, services and solutions, help customers succeed in their businesses, and keep on creating value for each customer.

Quality Strategy

Quality Strategy - Make quality a priority

Make quality a priority

xFusion deems quality as its life. Quality is the cornerstone of the value proposition and brand image, as well as the cornerstone of establishment of important ling-term customer relationships and customer stickiness.

Pursue zero-defect delivery and do things right once. Do not manufacture, deliver, or accept work output that does not meet the requirements. Do not cover a lid on flaws, shirk responsibilities, or falsify achievements. Make decisions and solve problems based on facts, and establish the quality culture that pursues continuous improvement.

Respect professionalism, center on the end user experience, and construct the quality of results, process and business environment from four dimensions: system, product, component, and service.

Pass customer requirements and expectations accurately to global partners and manage them effectively, and achieve high-quality and sustainable development with the value chain.

Implement the policy that managers are the first quality owner, build a quality assurance system based on processes, and establish a large-scale quality management system that can develop sustainably.