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Deliver the maintenance service solutions by Certified Service Partners (CSPs)
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    1. Overview

    The Co-Care Services are xFusion maintenance service solutions which are designed for Certified Service Partners (CSPs) to obtain xFusion is technical support (level 3 technical support and spare parts).

    A CSP who purchases Co-Care Services is supposed to integrate its value-added services (on-site technical support, equipment heath check, etc.) with the Co-Care Services, to form and deliver CSP branded technical support services to the End Customer.

    Note: This document should be read in conjunction with the document of Service Exceptions and Limitations posted at

    The following table shows Co-care service coverage:

    Service Item
    Service level
    Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Support (L3 only)
    Online Self-help Support
    System Software Updates
    Advance Hardware Replacement

    *NBD: Next Business Day


    1. The SLA in this document is for general reference only. Service contents and response times may vary by region or country. For detailed information, please contact your local xFusion sales and service representative.

    2. Service delivery is based on commercially reasonable efforts. xFusion will select a proper service mode based on the actual situation and the committed SLA to resolve your problems in a timely and effective manner. xFusion reserves the right to select the specific service mode.

    3. Co-Care service does not include L1 or L2 remote or onsite support services. These are provided by partners.

    4. 24x7x4: Priority 1 and Priority 2 calls, four–hour response available 24x7; Priority 3 and Priority 4 calls, Next Business Day.

    5. xFusion cannot guarantee Spare Parts availability for such cases in which the RMA is not requested in a timely manner;

    e.g. for multiple RMAs requested at the same time, or for accumulated Faulty Parts requested in a single RMA.

    6. The service start date and end date should be specified in the respective Purchase Order or contract between you and xFusion. If no service start date is listed on the PO/contract, it is defined as below:

    1) For a new service order sold together with xFusion product, the service starts on the 90th day after the product shipment date from xFusion; Should xFusion also provide the Installation or Commissioning services, then the Service Start Date is the same as the initial customer acceptance date.

    2) For a renewal service order, the service start date is the day after the end date of warranty or the previous Service.

    2. Product Support Services Description

    2.1 Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Support

    CSPs can access the xFusion Technical Assistance Centers (TACs) in a 24/7 way. The TACs will provide support for product use and configuration, troubleshooting, and other requests. xFusion will respond to CSPs within 30 minutes for Priority 1 calls, 60 minutes for Priority 2 calls, 2 hours for Priority 3 calls, and NBD for Priority 4 calls. (Response time is calculated starting from the time when a TAC accepts a service request to the time when a technical support engineer first contacts a CSP.) TAC support service language includes English, French, German, and Italian, etc.

    2.2 Online Self-help Support

    xFusion provides technical and general information on xFusion products with product manuals, configuration guides, and maintenance cases. After obtaining the permission to access the xFusion technical support website (, a CSP can view and download documents and self-support tools, and get the latest product information.

    2.3 System Software Updates

    To keep technology up-to-date with the latest system software features and system improvements within the licensed feature set, xFusion provides system software updates that include bug fixes and maintenance as well as minor releases. xFusion also provides the rights to new software update releases which are generally available. CSPs will perform the installation of software updates, unless otherwise deemed necessary by xFusion.

    2.4 Advance Hardware Replacement

    The Advance Hardware Replacement service entitles a CSP to receive the advance replacement service for hardware after xFusion deems a spare part is necessary and an RMA number is generated. The replacement equipment may be new or equivalent to a new one in performance and reliability. If the product is no longer in production or is out of stock, xFusion will provide another type of equipment or part with performance equivalent to or better than the original. xFusion offers warranties for any replaced product or part for ninety (90) days from shipment, or the remainder of the initial warranty period, whichever is longer.

    CSPs are responsible for returning the defective parts to xFusion at their own cost. If Pick-up Service is available in the local country, xFusion will bear all shipping and insurance costs incurred by the return of the defective parts to xFusion.

    The Advance Hardware Replacement service is subject to geographic and weight restrictions depending upon the customer's location. xFusion shall use commercially reasonable efforts to provide hardware replacement services where available. Actual delivery time may vary according to the customer's location and transportation conditions. The detailed service levels are as follows:

    Basic 9x5xNBD-S:

    • Replacement parts will be shipped out from xFusion the Next Business Day (NBD). (nine (9) hours a day, five (5) days a week; excluding local official holidays)

    Standard 9x5xNBD:

    • Replacement parts will be shipped and arrive the Next Business Day (NBD) provided that an RMA number has been generated before 15:00 (local time). If the RMA number is generated after 15:00 (local time), xFusion will ship the replacement parts the next business day.

    Premier 24x7x4 (P1/P2); 9x5xNBD (P3/P4):

    • Replacement parts will arrive within the following time period, based on the priority level, after xFusion deems a spare part is necessary and an RMA number has been generated.

    Priority 1 and Priority 2 calls: four (4) hours on a 24x7 basis.

    Priority 3 and Priority 4 calls: Next Business Day provided that an RMA number is generated before 15:00 (local time). If the RMA number is generated after 15:00 (local time), xFusion will ship the replacement parts the next business day

    3. Partner Responsibilities

    In order to ensure the End Customer is best-in-class experience in receiving support services from CSPs, CSPs who purchase Co-Care Services have the following obligations:

    • Deliver CSP-branded technical support services to its End Customer. The expiration or termination of the CSP is certification shall not affect the aforesaid obligation.
    • Provide the End Customer with the CSP's service delivery arrangements in advance, including technical support contacts, delivery scopes, and SLAs, etc. The duties and responsibilities between the CSP and the End Customer, and any other necessary terms and conditions are advised to be provided together.
    • Provide true, accurate, and complete information of the CSP's technical support and service capabilities. Such information includes the CSP's hotline and after-sales email, etc.
    • When applicable, check contract information when receiving the Co-Care Service Welcome Kit to ensure the information is correct, and contact the xFusion TAC in case of any incorrectness.
    • Record and manage the End Customer's service requests, encourage engineers to be certified by xFusion, and sign onsite service reports.
    • Provide the End Customer contacts when raising a Service Request to xFusion. The End Customer contacts will only be used for customer satisfaction surveys on the CSP-branded technical support services.
    • Return defective parts to a xFusion-designated location within 15 working days upon receiving the replacement parts, and take responsibility for parts damage and loss during shipment.
    • Remove any confidential, proprietary, or personal information that is stored in defective parts before they are returned to xFusion. If the parts cannot be returned to xFusion due to data security, privacy, or other reasons, please purchase the Defective Parts Retention Service for retaining the defective parts. For defective parts not returned within this period, xFusion reserves the right to charge fees accordingly.
    • Fill out the fault tag and Service Request Form when submitting an RMA request, then send the form to xFusion via fax or email. xFusion is not responsible for any delay caused by information incompleteness or inaccuracy.
    • Keep the packaging (including anti-static and foam packaging) of the returned parts unchanged. If the original packaging cannot be used, please ensure that the packaging of the returned parts meets transportation requirements and the returned parts are transported without any damage.
    • Notify xFusion within 30 days of the End Customer's relocating equipment. xFusion will re-arrange parts delivery within 30 days after receiving the notice.
    • Customer satisfaction is an important part of technical support service delivery by service partners and us. After the technical service request is closed, we will send you a satisfaction survey email to invite you to participate in the satisfaction survey. Your feedback will be used to improve your experience for the services that delivered by service partners and us.

    Annex 1 Priority Level Definition

    Priority Level
    Priority 1(P1)


    There is a critical impact on customer’s business operations.

    Priority 2(P2)


    Significant aspects of customer’s business operation are negatively impacted; the customer is able to perform business operations, but performance of business operations are degraded or severely limited.



    These are faults that have limited impact to business operations, while most business operations remain functional.



    There is little or no impact on customer’s business operations; includes information or assistance with xFusion product functionality, operation, or configuration and other enquiring questions.

    Annex 2 Level 1-3 Technical Support Service Definition

    Technical Support
    Level 1 Technical Support

    The responsibility of Level 1 Technical Support is to register and classify received Incidents and to undertake an immediate effort in order to restore a failed product as quickly as possible. If no ad-hoc solution can be achieved, Level 1 Technical Support will transfer the Incident to expert technical support groups (Level 2 Technical Support). Level 1 Technical Support also processes Service Requests and keeps users informed about their Incidents' status at agreed intervals.

    Level 2 Technical Support

    Level 2 Technical Support takes over Incidents which cannot be solved immediately with the means of Level 1 Technical Support. If necessary, it will request the vender (xFusion) support.The aim is to restore a failed product as quickly as possible.

    Level 3 Technical Support

    Level 3 Technical Support is typically located at the vender (xFusion).Its services are requested by Level 2 Technical Support if required for solving an Incident. The aim is to restore a failed product as quickly as possible.