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    Highlights of xFusion European Partner Summit Sharing and Cooperation with the Same Mind

    Highlights of xFusion European Partner Summit Sharing and Cooperation with the Same Mind

    2022-06-13 Views 4250

    On May 19, xFusion Digital Technology Co., Ltd. held the first European Partner Summit under the theme of "Together for a Better Future" in Paris, France. More than 50 channel partners from over 10 countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, and Hungary, as well as industrial ecology and service partners such as Intel, StorTrec, and Evernex, joined the site to share and communicate about how to provide better services for customers and accelerate the industrial digitization and intelligentization in the era of digital intelligence.

    Intel representatives from France and EMEA shared their thoughts on accelerating digital transformation. Pierre Reynaud stated that the data center will face new trends: compute, storage, and memory will gradually be divided into separate resources; software will be broken down into smaller "microservices"; CPUs and XPUs will operate together to meet new challenges.

    Michel Abou Diwan said that xFusion is a valuable partner playing an important role in the IT infrastructure. With 20 years of strategic partnership, Intel and xFusion have cooperated closely in the field of research and development. In the future, Intel will further deepen its technology cooperation with xFusion to drive digital transformation and innovation for European customers.

    Absolut Distribution, with HQ in Switzerland and Sales offices across Europe, does distribution for xFusion and cooperates with xFusion for more than 10 years. At the end of 2021, Absolut and xFusion signed a general distributor contract. Since then, in order to rapidly expand the business, Absolut has constructed capacity and facilities in Europe such as the product assembly center, warehouses, the maintenance center and the training center. Its competitive "modifying, assembling, testing" capacity and quick-volume stocking allow for rapid sales of xFusion servers to Europe. Meanwhile, Absolut Distribution set up an online sales platform as www.xFusion.shop to better recommend xFusion to European customers. Patrik Eigenheer, CEO of Absolut, said, "As a bridge between xFusion and Europe, we are confident of serving our European partners best in class and with a competitive pricing we enable our partners for more success with xFusion solutions."

    StorTrec is a European company specializing in customer service and support, with 24/7 global support capabilities and registered branches in Germany, France, Switzerland, Poland, Spain, the UK, and the US. As an important local partner of xFusion in Europe, StorTrec explores the European market jointly with xFusion to deliver ultimate experience services, including technical support, parts logistics, and assembly backup, so as to enhance user experience and improve user satisfaction.

    Evernex, from France, is known for its independent and flexible maintenance services across the globe. Evernex covers all aspects of the IT lifecycle and understands the needs of the ever-changing IT industry and the environment. Putting customers' needs first, xFusion has worked with Evernex to develop a customized "Super Service" for European customers, covering multiple areas such as 24-hour response, warehouse, spare parts management, and IT support.

    Representatives of core partners acknowledged the competitiveness, product quality and reliability, and end-to-end technical guarantee of FusionServer series products and solutions. They hope to grow and develop together with xFusion, and are enthusiastic and expectant about future cooperation. This is what drives xFusion to provide ultimate services to European customers.

    Frank Qin, General Manager of xFusion Europe, shared the company's vision, mission, and cooperation philosophy on behalf of xFusion. Based on the European market, he elaborated on the strategic insight, business objectives, organization, and capacity guarantee of xFusion in Europe. xFusion is a leading provider of computing power infrastructure and services, and is committed to becoming a reliable partner of digitization and intelligentization for vertical industries. xFusion is willing to "create value and achieve growth together with a shared belief." Staying innovative and forging ahead, xFusion is now setting sail in Europe. xFusion is dedicated to consistently delivering value to European customers and partners with more focused, innovative, and integrated concepts and practices, contributing to the digital transformation of European industries.

    Talking about the core topic of how to cooperate with xFusion, Frank Qin said that "openness, simplicity, efficiency and mutual trust" are the working principles and guidelines of the xFusion European team. "Heroes don't ask the source." is the sincerest attitude xFusion holds towards partners. Regardless of old friends or new friends, large scale or small scale, as long as they share the same belief with xFusion, they will be "partners" on the road of xFusion's European entrepreneurship. xFusion will and must support and work together with partners to grow together and achieve excellence in the future. At the end of his speech, by using a well-known Chinese proverb "If two people are of the same mind, their combined strength can cut through a piece of metal." Frank Qin further explain to partners the brilliant vision and firm belief of Together for a Better Future, which won the warm applause of all the partners present.

    Afterwards, Yaolong Liu, CTO of MKT and Solution of xFusion Europe, Peter Zhang, Head of Delivery and Service, and Jimmy Jin, Head of Partner Development, shared and explained in depth on the topics of solution, delivery service and supply, partner cooperation concept, and channel policy respectively, so that all partners had a deeper understanding of the competence of xFusion Europe and were more confident about the cooperation with xFusion in Europe.

    After the sharing, xFusion held the certificate authorization ceremony for the first batch of European partners who completed the authorization contract and the award ceremony for the first regional breakthrough to thank the partners for their support and willingness to develop together.

    (Award ceremony: general distributor authorization)

    (Award ceremony: platinum and gold partners authorization)

    (Award ceremony: first-sale breakthrough award for each country)

    (Award ceremony:RASC service partner authorization)

    The 2022 xFusion's European Partner Summit ended successfully, while the practice of xFusion and European partners exploring the future and the cooperation of creating, winning, and sharing together in digitalization will never end!

    (Photos of partners with xFusion at the summit)

    Towards the future, xFusion will continue to work with global customers and partners to accumulate development power through various initiatives, such as ecological policies, technical capabilities, and talent training, to jointly promote high-quality development of the global digital economy and exploit more digital intelligent value. Together for a better future, xFusion creates infinite possibilities in the digital world with partners!