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    FusionOnline Remote Intelligent O&M Platform

    FusionOnline, a remote intelligent O&M platform launched by xFusion Digital Technology Co., Ltd., provides online O&M services for data center servers, storage devices, and network devices. Based on the big data technologies and experience of O&M experts, FusionOnline performs a health check on your devices every day. You can log in to FusionOnline website to check the running status of data center devices. When a critical event occurs, we will automatically create a trouble ticket based on the impact of the problem and your preferences. You can also create a trouble ticket for quick support. Our online O&M experts will quickly respond to the emergency to ensure the long-term stable running of your services.
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    Intelligent Prediction

    Risk prediction
    Predicts device hardware risks to cut off the source of problems and improve system reliability.
    Performance prediction
    Identifies overloaded/idle resources with multi-strategy resource planning solutions; checks for real-time exceptions, predicts future performance bottlenecks and avoids performance problems.
    Device health assessment
    Grasps the direction of device planning by multidimensional analysis and prediction-based health scores.

    Intelligent Prediction

    Monitors device 24/7, reports device faults, and creates trouble tickets automatically.
    Provides reliable solutions to potential risks based on a global library of failure modes and minute-level log analysis.
    Presents the troubleshooting process in a visualized manner, with quick response from dedicated experts on duty.

    Automatic Report

    Generates health reports from multiple dimensions, including alarms, trouble tickets, warranty, and maintenance records.
    Archives maintenance records in real time and generates monthly O&M reports in seconds at the end of a month.
    After the subscription, the reports are periodically pushed to your mailbox.

    Security and Credibility

    Security Certification

    Complies with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard and passed the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certification.

    Information Authorization

    The business data of the device will not be involved, only the relevant O&M information will be obtained, and the data records will be traceable. The detailed information will be collected based on the Authorization Letter for FusionOnline to Process Customer Data.

    Data Encryption

    Various data transmission and storage encryption technologies, and patented technologies ensure data security.

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