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    FusionServer Tools Toolkit

    FusionServer Tools provides a package of tools for quick in-band and out-of-band server Operation and Maintenance (O&M). It helps customers quickly and conveniently configure servers, diagnose faults, perform routine inspection, and deploy systems in single-node deployment scenarios or without upper-layer management software.

    One-Click Deployment


    FusionServer Tools provide one-click deployment, including OS installation and configuration of IP addresses and hardware. The deployment wizard helps you easily deploy servers in batches for medium- and large-sized data centers.

    Proactive Protection


    FusionServer Tools FusionServer Tools help you dynamically check server health, including in-band and out-of-band hardware status, logs, and hardware and software configuration. With FusionServer Tools, you can identify risks in advance to ensure smooth service running.

    Rapid Troubleshooting


    With FusionServer Tools, you can quickly troubleshoot and rectify typical issues onsite. Spare parts can be allocated to you in no time for service restoration.

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