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    xFusion Tech Summit 2024 and Partner Conference Successfully Concluded

    xFusion Tech Summit 2024 and Partner Conference Successfully Concluded

    2024-03-21 Views 763

    On March 21, xFusion Technologies International Co., Ltd. successfully hosted its Tech Summit 2024 and Partner Conference in Hong Kong. The conference focused on sharing industry trends and xFusion's product strategies centered around AI and green computing with partners and customers. The event aimed to establish a mutually beneficial ecosystem and a green integrated intelligent computing hub for the SEA region, with a strategic emphasis on the Greater Bay Area.

    Louis Zhao, President of xFusion International Business, highlighted in his address, "Computing unlocks the potential of science and technology, especially amidst the escalating demand for diversified computing. With a focus on advancing towards a "dual carbon" goal, xFusion is dedicated to building an efficient and eco-friendly intelligent computing infrastructure to promote the high-quality development of the local digital economy."

    Mr. Louis Zhao

    Lillian Cheong, Under Secretary of the Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau of Hong Kong, emphasized Hong Kong's aspirations to "Evolve into a knowledge-based economy and an innovation hub in the Greater Bay Area in terms of technology and its applications. The ITIB will catalyze the dynamic growth of the ICT industry, and spearhead the development of Hong Kong's smart city and digital economy."

    Ms. Lillian Cheong, JP

    At present, intelligent computing has become the core driving force for innovation in the digital economy, ushering in new opportunities for the development of the digital economy. xFusion focuses on providing green and intelligent computing products and solutions to continuously enhance digital practices.

    Vandia Yang, President of xFusion SEA Region, shared insights in his keynote speech titled "Embracing the Era of AI Computing Economy in the Greater Bay Area". He underscored xFusion's commitment to revolutionizing computing through borderless intelligent solutions and the Hong Kong-Macao Ecological Innovation and Service Center, aimed at propelling enterprises towards rapid innovation and application.

    Mr. Vandia Yang

    Seizing Opportunities to Advance Hong Kong's Digital Transformation

    Hong Kong, as an international financial center and hub for technology innovation, has emerged as a frontrunner in AI and big data industries and a fertile ground for shaping the future of technology.

    Allen Yeung, President of the Greater Bay Area International Information Technology Industry Association, delivered a keynote speech on "The Impact of Data Elements on the AI Empowerment in the Greater Bay Area". He expressed the association's commitment to collaborating with industry leaders to facilitate AI empowerment, expedite AI digitization, and bolster cross-border data flow across the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

    Mr. Allen Yeung, JP

    Gary Yeung, President of the Smart City Consortium, in his address on "AI Empowers Smart City Development," emphasized that "Large models will definitely drive the development of various industries, foster industrial upgrading, and enhance productivity. The Smart City Consortium and xFusion will jointly participate in Hong Kong's digital transformation and assist industries in leveraging intelligent computing infrastructure."

    Mr. Gary Yeung, M.H.

    Qu Haifeng, Deputy Director of the CDCC Expert Technical Group, shared his views on the evolution of data centers in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia from the perspective of the growing demand for intelligent computing and the challenges posed by AI infrastructure.

    Mr. Haifeng Qu

    Innovation Unleashes the Power of Intelligent Computing

    Intel's Technical Solution Specialist, Otto Chow, delivered a compelling keynote speech titled "Intel's Fifth-Generation Xeon Scalable Processor: Empowering AI Acceleration for Enhanced Computing Capabilities." He highlighted the advantages of the fifth-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors in optimizing performance, enhancing power efficiency, and fortifying computing capabilities for critical workloads. Intel's collaboration with xFusion on the FusionServer V7 series servers aims to maximize AI and green intelligent computing.

    Mr. Otto Chow

    Wang Guangjing, General Manager of xFusion Smart Data Center, and Wang Chao, Marketing Director of xFusion Server Products, shared profound insights into xFusion products and solutions.

    Forging Partnerships for a Win-Win Intelligent Computing Ecosystem

    Adhering to the development concept of "win-win", xFusion is actively engaging global partners to drive joint innovation and unleash the full potential of computing to foster a mutually beneficial business ecosystem.

    During the event, xFusion International and Hui Son Network Limited signed an MOU to collaborate on establishing an Intelligent Computing Industry Development Center, jointly incubating intelligent computing application industry clusters, and accelerating the growth of the intelligent computing ecosystem.

    Intelligent Computing Center Cooperation MOU Signing

    The 2024 xFusion Asia-Pacific Partner Ecosystem Lighting Ceremony witnessed the participation of six partners, including xFusion SEA, signaling a collective commitment to advancing intelligent computing endeavors.

    2024 Asia-Pacific Partner Eco-Illumination Ceremony

    As a new quality productive force in the era of the digital economy, computing plays a pivotal role in fueling new growth opportunities and facilitating the high-quality development of the digital economy. xFusion focuses on the development of computing and ecosystem, and always adheres to the cooperation concept of "create value, share beliefs, and grow together". Collaborating closely with partners, we are poised to support the high-quality development of the digital economy in the Greater Bay Area with leading computing to let computing serve you better.