FusionPoD 720 Liquid-Cooled Server DH122E V6 Node

New Flagship of High-Density Computing Power
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    Product Introduction

    The DH122E V6 is a 1U liquid-cooled server. The server is designed for improving the system computing density, featuring high computing performance, high liquid cooling ratio, and easy O&M. The DH122E V6 is ideal for high-density application scenarios, such as data centers, cloud computing, big data, and Internet applications.

    Full liquid cooling

    Full liquid cooling

    Unmatched energy efficiency: pPUE as low as 1.06

    Mature ecosystem: cold-plate liquid cooling and eco-friendly materials with zero fluoride

    Scale deployment: mature liquid cooling technology, successful commercial deployment and zero liquid leakage incident

    Continuous evolution: power-intensive single chip evolving into high-power CPUs

    Supreme computing power

    Supreme computing power

    High computing power density: up to two high-power CPUs in one DH122E V6

    High-density deployment: L1 and L2 integration, reducing the space of cooling and power distribution equipment and increasing the utilization rate of the equipment room

    Full monitoring

    Full monitoring

    Leakage-proof design: leakage prevention design for nodes, cabinets, and equipment rooms, ensuring zero liquid leakage; three-grade leakage monitoring with precise alarming within seconds

    High component reliability: liquid cooling system using highly reliable components with over 10 years of service life

    High system reliability: fault prediction, diagnosis, and self-healing capability, from emergency O&M to proactive O&M

    Full blind mating

    Full blind mating

    Zero-cable and three-bus blind mating: unique three-bus blind mating, supporting zero-cable maintenance, automatic O&M, and unmanned data centers

    Easy part replacement: memory module replacement without removing liquid cold plates

    Rack-scale delivery: cabinet installed, tested, and debugged before being delivered to the customer's equipment room

    Technical Specifications


    2 x 3rd Gen Intel®Xeon®Scalable processors (Intel Whitley Platform all series Ice Lake processors), with up to 300 W TDP per processor


    Intel C621A


    Up to 32 x DDR4 DIMMs, up to 16 x DDR4 DIMMs when the memory liquid cooling is configured

    Local Storage

    Multiple hot-swappable drives with the following configurations:
    Up to 2 x SAS/SATA drives and 10 x SAS/SATA/NVMe drives

    RAID Support

    RAID 0, 1, 10, 5, 50, 6, or 60, supercapacitor for cache data power failure protection, RAID level migration, drive roaming, self-diagnosis, and remote web-based configuration


    Expansion capability of multiple types of networks

    PCIe Expansion

    4 x PCIe slots, including 1 x dedicated PCIe slot for RAID controller cards,and 3 x standard PCIe 4.0 slots

    Fan Modules

    7 x hot-swappable counter-rotating fan modules in N+1 redundancy

    Cold Plate

    One liquid-cooling plate can be configured. The specifications are as follows:
    2 x CPUs and VRD liquid cooling, with liquid cooling ratio up to 65%
    2 x CPUs, 16 x DIMMs, and VRD liquid cooling, with the liquid cooling ratio up to 80%

    Power Supply

    One DC power module can be configured. The specifications are as follows:
    1600 W PSU
    3000 W PSU


    The management system includes the BMC management systems of server nodes, the cabinet management system, and the management systems of switching nodes.

    Operating Systems

    Microsoft Windows Server, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, VMware ESXi, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Ubuntu, Debian, and openEuler


    Power-on password, administrator password, trusted platform module (TPM) 2.0, front bezel, and secure boot

    Operating Temperature

    5°C to 45°C (41 °F to 113 °F) (compliant with ASHRAE Classes A1, A2, A3, and A4)


    CE, UL

    Dimensions (H x W x D)

    43.2 mm x 536 mm x 900 mm (1.70 in. x 21.10 in. x 35.43 in.)

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