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    Rack Servers

    FusionServer series rack servers are ideal for computing-intensive scenarios such as cloud computing, virtualization, HPC, database, and HANA scenarios

    FusionServer series rack servers

    High-Density Servers

    FusionServer series high-density servers are ideal for service applications, such as cloud computing, web-based applications, and HPC

    FusionServer series high-density servers
    FusionServer GPU servers

    GPU Servers

    FusionServer GPU servers are designed for data centers and are applicable to AI, HPC, database, and video analysis scenarios

    Rack-Scale Servers

    New Benchmark for Commercial Liquid Cooling Leading Flagship of High-Density Computing Power

    Liquid Cooling Rack-Scale Servers
    Intelligent Management Software Platform

    Intelligent Management Software Platform

    Providing Simple, Intelligent, and Secure Server Lifecycle Management

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